VITO VS: The Upgraded VITO 30 Frying Oil Filter

VITO VS: The Upgraded VITO 30 Frying Oil Filter

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VITO AG has launched the upgraded VITO VS, the latest innovation in its line of industry-leading portable frying oil filtration systems, succeeding the popular VITO 30 model. With an increased filtration rate of up to 40 litres per minute, the VITO VS delivers even faster and more efficient oil cleaning for busy commercial kitchens.

This next-generation portable oil filter retains all the core benefits that have made VITO's products a global success, including:

  • Saving up to 50% on frying oil costs
  • Ensuring consistent quality of fried foods
  • Reducing workload with fewer oil changes and fryer cleanings

Operation is simple – just place the stainless steel VITO VS into the hot oil (maximum 200°C/392°F), and it automatically filters out burned particles and breadcrumbs in just 4.5 minutes, no supervision needed.

While increasing filtration power, VITO also optimized the VS model's design for enhanced ergonomics. New features include a cable holder to keep cords organized and a QR code linking to a dedicated product website with guidance, instructions, and tips for optimal usage.

With its 5 µm (200 micro-inch) effective filtration efficiency, the VITO VS is ideal for light sediment levels, making it suitable for 1 to 3 deep fryers up to 12 litres capacity each. Clean-up is easy thanks to the dishwasher-safe pump-filter unit and drip pan.

By upgrading to the innovative VITO VS, commercial kitchens gain access to VITO's renowned oil filtration technology with upgraded speed, convenience, digital resources, and great cost savings on frying oil usage.

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