VITOconnect is a smart technology software that brings the power of data-driven digital optimization to VITO's industry-leading filtration systems.

The Digital Future of Smarter Frying with VITO's Data-Driven Optimization

For over 20 years, VITO AG has been revolutionizing the commercial frying industry with innovative, cutting-edge filtration technology. Their patented oil filtration systems bring unmatched efficiency and food quality to kitchens worldwide through high-powered microfiltration.

While VITO's hardware designs have continued evolving to meet changing customer needs, the core mission remains the same - maximizing oil life and minimizing waste through superior filtration. VITO understands that consistently serving up crispy, delicious fried foods depends on keeping frying oil in optimum condition at all times.

This commitment to customer satisfaction is why VITO has rolled out their latest innovative solution - VITOconnect. This smart technology software brings the power of data-driven digital optimization to VITO's industry-leading filtration systems.

VITOconnect lets commercial kitchens connect their VITO oil filtration system to Wi-Fi. Through this connection, kitchens can view reports about their frying operations. The reports show details like how many times the filter has run, how long it has been operating, and when the last time the oil was filtered. These straightforward reports make it easy to track when and how much the VITO filter is being used.

VITOconnect ensures compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) for frying operations across all locations, making it an indispensable tool, especially for restaurant chains. This software allows remotely monitoring VITO's performance and receiving custom reports via email for seamless documentation. This documentation of filter usage enables optimal cost control and return on investment analysis. VITOconnect also lets kitchens configure the ideal filtration cycle time for their needs directly from a mobile device, tablet or computer for maximum customization.

Moving forward, VITO will keep enhancing VITOconnect with new digital technologies. By incorporating advanced connectivity features, the software will become even smarter and more automated. VITO's goal is ensuring their filtration systems easily connect to the kitchens of the future.

Years of focusing on their customers' needs and embracing digital advancements have made VITO the trusted partner for frying oil filtration and management. With the increasing demand for delicious and sustainable fried food options, VITO offers data-driven solutions that ensure both profitability and environmental responsibility.

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