Why is it important to filter your frying oil?

Why is it important to filter your frying oil?

Why is it important to filter your frying oil?


There is no question that frying oil has always been one of the most critical factors in the food preparation service. And it has a considerable impact on costs. Because of this, numerous products were introduced into the market in order to reduce the cost of frying #oil . Among them, oil #filter systems are one of the most effective tools.

Food particles mix up with your costly frying oil when #frying #food . These particles need to be cleaned regularly before they ruin the frying oil within a short time. Moreover, the use of frying oil without filtration could affect the #quality of your fried food. Impurities such as large chunks of ingredients or small pieces of food particles can be easily spotted if the oil has been used several times, without filtering. The leftover particles will leave a lingering unpleasant flavour in the food you cook because food tend to absorb the #flavour of the residues trapped inside the oil. Eventually, the fried foods will turn overly greasy and soggy. Therefore, filtering these impurities with oil filtration #systems not only helps to extend the life of the oil, but also enhance the taste, flavour and #aroma of the food.

Reused oil with food residues will create a thick layer of burnt-on stains on the surface of the deep fryer. As time passes, the food particles and contaminants will solidify, making future cleaning difficult and strenuous. All in all, oil filtration systems are definitely a good option to avoid accumulation of grease and food particles in the deep fryer, this in turn reduces repair and maintenance fees.

The #vito oil filter cleans your oil in an easy and hygienic way. Due to micro-filtration, the life cycle of your oil is prolonged and helps you avoid paying money on the purchase of new oil. The VITO oil filter is placed in the hot oil and filters it from suspended particles and bitter substances without supervision. Also, through the filtration the quality and taste of your fried food is ensured. As the result, your customers are pleased with your food. If your #kitchen staff is constantly #filtering your frying oil and serving good food, customers will continue to come back for more.

The major features of VITO oil filers follows,

• Reduce your oil consumption up to 50%

• Integrated #VITOConnect – Filter Effectively, Monitor Smart

• Multiple filtering of fryers without overheating

• Suitable for all fryers

• Automatic filtration – VITO stops after set filtration time

• Removes carbon and micro particles from your oil

• Will filter your oil in 4.5 minutes

• Improve the appearance and quality of your fried food

Unlike other products on the market, VITO will filtrate multiple fryers, big pans or Kadaai by using the multi-use, #biodegradable filter #paper. This process makes VITO a unique #portable filter system which is labour saving & sold into more than 150 countries worldwide. Manufactured in #Germany with extensive testing facilities.

So to sum things up if you really want to increase profits, prolong the life of your frying oil, save money and serve customers a better tasting, fresher looking product, go for the VITO frying oil filter.

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