Are you using healthy frying oil?

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Chicken wings, french fries, or doughnuts: Fried foods are delicious and make people’s mouths water.


VITO FT440 Frying Oil Tester

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The taste of the fried food greatly depends on the quality of the frying oil you use. A regular exchange of the cooking/frying oil is necessary for the consistent quality of the fried food and oil. If you change the oil too late, the
oil is already contaminated by the burning particles and not only tastes bitter and distasteful but also harms your health. Changing the oil too early, on the other hand, has a noticeable effect on costs, especially since we are witnessing that the prices for cooking/frying oil are nowadays at their peak. Furthermore, you are wasting food when you change the oil too early.

So, how do you know when exactly you will have to change your oil?

In ancient days, people identified it by looking at the oil color and counting the number of particles they saw in the used frying oil. But we are in a digital era now.
There should be an easy way to measure the quality of oil or food. The quality of the oil is measured based on the TPM. TPM, Total Polar Material value identifies the quality of the oil. 24% TPM is the percentage level at which frying oil is no longer suitable for human consumption. The TPM limits can vary depending on your country’s regulations. (Contact us for further information.)

That’s how you know when you will have to throw your oil away or discard your oil.

Argghh.. lot’s of numbers...!!!
How to find out the TPM value of your oil now? As mentioned already, we are in the 21st century. There is an easy way to do it.
It’s where the VITO FT440 oil tester brings you hassle-free digital measurements, and the device is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) compliant. All you have to do is dip the tip of the FT440 into your oil, and you will see numbers on its screen. It’s that simple now!
In addition to that, the LED at the top of FT440 will work like a traffic signal (green, yellow and red). So even if someone does not know the exact numbers, they can make decisions based on the color lights. This way, you ensure the quality of your frying oil and fried food and always know when to change your oil.

You can get yours on Amazon here:

VITO FT440 Frying Oil Tester

Pay in 6 installments or get it for 10% OFF

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