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Ensures the quality of your deep-frying oil and saves costs!

Change your oil at the right time - not too early or too late

The FT 440 determines the temperature and the quality of your frying oil. Measuring the "Total Polar Material" (TPM) content in the oil, the tester gives you an accurate overview of the quality of your frying medium in a percentage value. The FT 440 comes with a top light which works after the traffic light principle and gives clear warning when it is time to dispose your fat. Never change your oil too early or too late again.


  • Measure the quality and temperature of your oil
  • Change your oil at the right time
  • Quick and reliable measuring results
  • Supports HACCP quality standards
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design
  • High degree of protection (IP67)


Included in delivery: FT 440, case, short operating instructions laminated & test report


HACCP Report Sheet

Download VITO FT 440 Spec Sheet

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