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VITO XL Frying Oil Filter

VITO XL Frying Oil Filter

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The VITO XL frying oil filter in UAE is best suited for restaurants, bakeries, or businesses with a high volume of deep-frying. It cleans the oil, stores it in a 120-liter (219lbs) tank, and provides easy and hygienic oil transport in the kitchen. With its innovative vacuum-filtration technology, particles remain dry in the filter, ensuring efficient filtration. Like every VITO oil filter system, the XL provides microfiltration up to 5 μm (200μin). The unique design can handle temperatures up to 200°C (392°F) and provides the highest safety at work by avoiding direct contact with hot oil. After filtration, the oil can easily be pumped back into the fryer automatically.


  • Increases the lifetime of your frying oil
  • Improves taste and quality of fried foods
  • Saves time and work for high-volume operations

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